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Hen Basket Giveaway - WINNER!

I used this randomiser software to pick the basket giveaway receiver.

The lovely Stacey from Do What You Love is our winner! She has a beautiful blog over at

Here is what she wrote - 
Oh My God! A Dream come true for me!! hehe. A very kind giveaway Hen! 

Oh gosh, one thing? Well I guess this time of year I really love being out for a hike and finding the first little flowers bursting forth. They are like little gems celebrating the arival of spring. 
But there are so many things in nature that make me smile. Its just a magical experience being immersed in nature.

I want to thank everyone who left their comment on this giveaway.  They were all, without exception, extraordinarily beautiful.

One thing in nature that makes me smile?  The subtle, powerful and sweeping energy of life in all things and the moments I feel closest to that energy...  Like now :)



  1. Well done, Stacey!

  2. Oh My Gosh! I can't believe I am the winner! I have enjoyed seeing all of your beautiful basket creations here on your blog, and I so look forward to having my own beautiful little gem!

  3. well done stacey, you really are lucky...

    leanne x

  4. We are all a winner for having Hen in our lives.

  5. Well done Stacey!

  6. Well done Stacey, I know you'll love your prize!



  7. Congratulations Stacey! What a wonderful gift to receive!

  8. Oh! I am so happy that Stacey won your basket. I know she will treasure it. This was a wonderful post with lovely responses! I do enjoy getting to know you through your blog Hen!


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