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Beech Trees, Ramsons and Willows Ming Pit

Here are lots of pictures to replace the words that I can't seem to find!

I haven't even fiddled with this photie!  GREEEEEEN!!!!!  It's a little Beech tree.  

Beeeeeeech leaves

Beeeeeeech Leaves

Thems ramsons on the right of the path there 

Quite a perfect spot for being

This is Willows 'ming pit'.  It is a pit of ming.  

Ramsons, ramsons and more ramsons

A ramson flower.. 
'is it?  is it really? you've never had one of those on here before'...  oi, watch it!

Hearts tongue fern poking out of ramsons.  

Male fern poking out of ramsons.  That's ramsons.

Cow Parsley

Hope this puts you in the picture of where I'm at, at the moment  :) oh, and I am constantly weaving baskets too.  Happily it's taking longer for my fingers to fall off!  I'm getting experienced!



  1. LOvely Spring photographs. The ramsons are incredible, I've only seen them growing that prolifically in the Lake District. And the green of young beech leaves is magical isn't it? My hedge is just starting to leaf up now and it's absolutely beautiful.

  2. Are you eating lots of the ramsons? Found out recently you can add the leaves to pesto...

  3. Well, I will certainly recognise a ransom when/if I come across them! Looks utterly gorgeous down there, just what I needed on a grey rainy morning.

  4. If your still looking for the right words, I think they may be "fantastic, beautiful, lush and, perhaps, what a great set of photos!"

  5. Yep. Them's Ramsons alright!
    Great photos hen.

  6. Beautiful photos..
    Green is my favourite colour....
    You have lifted my spirits on such a rainy day, although I now the trees and plants love it.
    Have a Happy week.
    Warm Wishes

  7. Lovely photos - a good dose of greenness is just what I needed today! I'm planning on gathering some ramsons this week (well as soon as the rain stops) to make into pesto. Yum!

  8. Did you, by chance, see any ransoms?
    Gorgeous, wonderful greeeen photos, love early beech leaf colour. You’re much further on than us.

    I use wild garlic leaves to through into lentils, soup etc. Haven't tried the pesto tho’.

  9. Oh so lovely and greeeeen!! Spring is wonder the birds break into song at its arrival! :)

  10. such beautiful photos :-)

  11. Beautiful pics, my lovely Hen. It would have been nice if you could have included a few pictures of some ransoms though. x

  12. I could also learn to spell "ramson" properly. I should know better...


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