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Music & People really are Healing

This is some Shetland wool plyed with some Corriedale wool.  I love spinning wool!!!

I've been a bit trapped in the house this week as I had an operation on Monday to fix some bits that were broke!  So I've dug out a couple of nice pictures that my mum took when we went on a Buddhist 'meditation and hill walking' retreat at Dhanakosa Retreat Centre in Scotland.  It was a year and a half a go now, which seems a long time!

A Rough Mix

I am also fiddling with these songs that my pal Elliott from Snowline Productions and I have been working on for possible future soundtracks.  It's great to be getting back into recording and writing music again.  Singing and creating music is such a huge part of me I don't know  how I've managed to live without it for the past few years! 

Another Rough Mix

Thank you everybody for all of your support, patience and kindness over these past few months of wonky hen.  Times like these when I realise just how lucky I am to be surrounded by such loving people.  In the physical world and in this beautiful virtual world. 

huge warm hugs, huge ones,



  1. I'm sorry, i didn't realise you n't been well, hope you are all fixed soon.

  2. Those pictures are beautiful.

  3. Lovely spinning. I love the soft squidginess of wool! Hope you're on the mend now. Your songs are beautiful and go so perfectly with the pictures. A big dose of wonderfulness!

  4. Hope you continue to recover. Lovely music. Pablo.

  5. Hen, I keep coming back to listen ..... I can barely wait foe more!
    and I realized that I hadn't said so HERE! Both cuts are ... lovely! and the photographs TOO> Kari

  6. So happy I discovered you and your amazing baskets. Hope you are mending quickly! :)


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