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New Shetland Sheep!

Jingo, Beth & Majik

Yesterday I picked up these GORGEOUS, beautiful & very sweet Shetland sheep. They're from a lovely local lady & are very well handled. They eat out of my hand!

Beth & Jingo

Beth, the white shearling ewe, has the sweetest nature and the softest, pure white fleece. 


Jingo the ram was born earlier this year. He's a stunning little fella and has got me thinking about showing! Never thought I'd ever even consider showing! His fleece is a gorgeous fawn, with a good crimp. Very similar to Majik below. She has my favourite coloured fleece. A sort of light moorit/fawn. Oh, they're all so beautiful! :) 


I am desperately in love with these Shetlands... the obsession has begun!

*Update* In 2 weeks I go to see a lady about a grey ram & another couple of ewes! :) 

hen xx


  1. I have never had sheep but I think they look lovely as well. Good luck with them!

  2. What sweet new friends! I too love sheep, they are so gentle. And what beautiful wool you will have!

  3. 6,000 trees! Great initiative.

    And the sheep photos are beautiful.

  4. A Credit to you, fantastic looking Sheep and their young X x


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