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Photo Blog of a Week on the Farm

Please click on the photographs to enlarge them, as making them small has made them a wee bit fuzzy.

Willow rounding up the foraging ex-battery hens.

Mrs Cluck Norris overseeing my foraging efforts.


Penny Bun

Field Mushroom

Non-edible but astonishingly coloured wax cap.

Natures' bouquet beats any florist I've seen.

Sweet baby slug lovin.

Ancient & magical.

A close up of the most beautiful tree in the world.
Draped in jade lichen, adorned with precious blue sloes.

Checking the Hebridean sheep in the morning.

Small gets her own back on Willow!

New arrivals! Cuckoo Marans. The two hens are in the back &
in the front we have the cockerel. Only 20wks old (give or take!) 

The purple heather on the moor catches the sunset.

No words today. Hope the pictures explain what I'm trying to say.

Warmest hugs,
hen xx


  1. Beautiful! Exmoor is such a magical place - your photos have brought back memories for me

  2. Your pictures always make me feel so good!

  3. Oh Hen, What absolutely magical photos! These make me want to be there with you! I love your little chicken friends. You are in such a beautiful area.

  4. Wow, Wow and Wow again. I have NEVER seen such amazing photos before Hen. I am speechless!!!

    May I use one of them for my PC display? If you ever consider making them into cards, please let me know, I'd love to buy some. You are an amazing photographer, artist, creative being and all round lovely person.

    I'm so glad I found you

    Love, John x


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