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A Snowy morning on Exmoor.. meet the Shetland lambs!

Click on the photies to see them in better quality & a bit bigger
(especially the Shetland sheep pic!! Teehee!)

Shetland Lambs

Here are four of our new Shetland lambs! This is the first photograph where they're not wriggling about. There is 2 moorits, a light one (on the far left) & a dark one (in front, smiling at you!), the others are grey. The one on the far right is a grey katmoget & the one poking her head out is Little blue. Her fleece is a blue grey, extraordinary colour!

They don't have names yet. I really need to get on and pick some for their pedigree certification. Any suggestions welcome!

So, yet again we're under a blanket of snow. It's just beautiful and I love being able to track birds! Trying to work out which tracks fit which birds is really hard but very interesting. Learning about tracking forces you to understand the animal better, really connect, I love it and think it might feature heavily in my life next year!

The poultry are not impressed at all with the snow. At least they're warm now though, the insulation we put into their house has made such a difference. Phew!

Steve, Open Country producer & all round lovely chap

We were interviewed by Radio 4's Open Country the other day.  They wanted to talk about what its like staying in a yurt in this freezing cold weather. 

Richard, Open Country presenter & another lovely chap!

The guys were so lovely and made us feel really comfortable. We ended up hanging out for a good few hours! Goodness knows how long its going to take poor Steve to sift through all our bletherings!  After interviewing us we wandered over to Hidden Valley Pigs farm so they could have a quick chat with Simon and Debbie.  The show goes out just after the 6am news on Jan 15th (on iplayer a few hours after) and its repeated at 3pm on the 20th Jan. Can't wait to hear what it is we said!

hen xx


  1. The Sheep are adorable Hen!!! I have my eye on a few Icelandic's myself... aye maybe in the near future.... and um... What is it like living in a yurt?
    All the Best
    Your Woodlife Pal,

  2. Oh the sheep are wonderful, I love their faces and the slightly mad expression :-)
    fyreflye x

  3. Hello Hen

    I look forward to hearing the programme.

    Take care of yourself's too in this amazing winter.

    Lobma xx

  4. OOh, I was just listening to open country and looked up your blog. Lovely to come across you and to hear about your home.

  5. Love the pictures of the Shetlands. We've had small flock up here, on the Scottish borders, for over 20 years. They're wonderfully photogenic.


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