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A Winter Solstice I will Never Forget. Such Beauty. Oh.. and Christmas too...

These pictures are a mix of Winter Solstice and Christmas day photographs. 
You can click them to make them bigger. 

The winter solstice sunrise.With the Moon setting over the yurt and shelter. I was weighed down with buckets of chicken feed, straw and hay. I froze (literally) to the spot though to witness this breathtaking scene.

After feeding the animals I went for a wander around the land. The snow is cold and hard to walk on but there's no arguing the magical quality of it. This years winter solstice was made extra special with the full moon and snow.

I only found bird tracks in the snow on the banks of the river. I felt electric walking along here.

Amazing ice sculptures on the branches that stretch across the river & the roots that creep out from the bank.

The light and contrast the snow gives to everything is particularly stunning when trees are involved!

The yurt was toasty warm inside.  You can see how well the wool felt lining keeps the heat in by the fact the roof has lots of snow on it.

Our slopey fields come into their own for sledging! I've got to work on not "teeeheeee"- ing all the way down... it's humiliating...

Cooking our christmas dinner in the dutch oven on the open fire. I cooked roasties in the cast iron pot on the chimenea. That didn't work so well! Still had lots of crispy bits, not attached to the pots though! Will definitely need to get our clay oven built as soon as possible!  I'm only happy if I can have roasties & home baked bread!

Stunning view over to South Wales. Just stunning... did I say stunniiiiiiiing...!!??

Winter solstice sunset also blew my tiny mind. I need more descriptive words for "breathtaking"!

Then the Full Moon rose. It was the biggest Moon I've ever seen.The way it caught the snow making the crystals sparkle like diamonds brought tears to my eyes. 

Our roasted chicken. The dutch oven did us proud :)

Hope you all had a beauty filled day!

Much love,


  1. Nice place and yummy looking chicken. Visit often but rarely leave posts. Keep it up and Merry Christmas. A link you might like.

  2. What are "roasties"?

  3. Wow! wonderful photos. Happy New year to you and yours.

  4. Your pictures are breath taking!

  5. I love following your story. You are much braver than me - I would need to be prised away from my cosy warm house to live in a Yurt - but I think you are brilliant to do it!

  6. Thanks for your messages!

    Hi Joe,
    Thanks for all your quiet visitations :) I had a look at the link, interesting stuff... hadn't heard of it before. Thanks!


    Hi Norseman,

    Roasties are the best food in the universe. Its roast potatoes :)


    Happy new year Elizabeth!


    Blimey Colin, thank you so much!!


    Hi Sian,

    heehee! its very cosy here... mind you as much as i love outdoor cooking I'd also love a nice cosy kitchen!


  7. Lovely pictures Hen - sounds like you had a magical time! Happy New Year!

  8. Hello! I am Michael TheMonkey! Lets be friends! Follow me on

  9. Magical! Just listening to you on Open Country - looking for land to something not so dissimilar myself :)

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  11. Lovely post Hen, and great to hear you on the Beeb!

    Fab photos btw! Wasn't the Solstice Moon magic!


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