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Save Our Woods

Well well well! It's been ages since I've posted on here! What have I been doing? I've been doing a bit of tree planting, a bit of farmin, a bit of starting a campaign to Save Our Woods! *beam!*  :)

What a journey this past month has been. The birth of SOW and it's explosion into the world of the Save Our Forests campaign has been quite a surprise. Karen (@wildelycreative) and I hatched the plan on twitter of all places. Then we got Nick (@wildlives) involved too. We have created a platform where anyone can add their voice to the campaign. Picking information given to us to make into articles to go on the website. We have all sorts of people on the site other than the likes of me, experts in forestry, ecology, landscape, politics, journalism, art, etc!

It's been exhausting, working mostly 18hrs a day on the campaign with no time off (till now)! It's been so worth it, to see it grow.  I wont go into too much detail here right now, as it's all on our SOW website and I'm afraid I'm stealing these few moments to blog before I slip into unconsciousness.

We ended up going to Parliament the other week, to meet with Lords, Baronesses, Ladies, other campaigners & the Labour party. I got a Millihug from Ed Milliband! Teehee!

I have learned so much this past month, about the workings of Parliament, lobbyists, Lords & MP's and I can safely say that it's all inspiring, awesome and a little silly. How on Earth can a species get themselves into such a complicated whizz!

I'll get some pics up of our trip to Westminster & some other bits and bobs soon!

Warm hugs,

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  1. Thanks Henny for your Tweets that we've collected and scattered further afield! Keep up the good work! :) xx


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