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Two Faces of the Same Life

"For most gulls its not flying that matters, but eating. 
For this gull though it was not eating that mattered, but flight."
Richard Bach, Jonathan Livingston Seagull

Today was an up and down sort of a day. My time at the moment is taken up with, amongst other things, finishing my permaculture design for the land and fighting the sale of our state owned woodlands, like The Forest of Dean and The New Forest. Go here to find out more:

I also have a poorly hen in the yurt by the woodstove, it's Mirabel. I don't think she's going to make it, fingers crossed I'm proved wrong. The vet did an ultrasound on her & we saw her heart beating! Amazing! LIFE! Still didn't find out what's wrong with her though. I'm doing everything I can to care for her.

Hens Meditation Seat

So this afternoon, to the soundtrack of busy birds, I took myself into the woods and to my outdoor meditation seat. 

View from Hens Meditation Seat

The view is spectacular and the bank comfortable. I've often sat here to practice breathing meditation or just to sit.  To me, the power of this spot is very deep. I know if I come and sit here for a bit, I'll let go of any troubles and rationale will be restored... For a bit anyway ; )

Willows' Meditation Seat

As I came out of my meditation I looked up to see Willow meditating in her little spot (on chickens, no doubt!). It made my heart smile to know she'd been there. I love Willow.

Tree Slug

I went for a little wander after my sit and spent some time looking at one of the older Oak trees in the wood. It took me ages to spot him but I found a tree slug  : )


It's been raining a lot here the past few days. Sadly, I found this poor little mouse drowned in an upturned bucket.  I don't know what kind of mouse it is, all I know is that it is an exquisite little mouse.


Look at those perfect little feet. What a beautiful creation a mouse is. 

Pink wispy clouds frame the Moon

hen xx


  1. dear hen

    you are wonder to behold. in many ways; a creative, compassionate and thoughtful being. How can one being cram so much creativity into one life!


  2. Just listened to Open Country, one of the best ones I've heard, you two are wizard, both radio naturals! I imagine they had enough material from you both to make a whole series :)

    Can we see and hear more from Leo on this blog from now onwards please Hen!

    Did he learn his carpentry skills from a course or pick them up? I wish I knew more carpentry

  3. Hi There
    Just caught a bit of you guys on open country. Once I heard the names hen & leo realised its probably your allotment article in permaculture several years ago. I get that out each year & dream of creating something gorgeous in my allotment! I was so excited to hear that you are living in a yurt & creating the dream. We made our own yurt a few years ago but have never got round to living in it, we kept having more babies! Its such a lovely space to be in. Hope you are keeping warm. Lovely pictures, btw.
    hugs, Jacs x
    oh,just read your 'is it kind/necessary. Not sure its necessary actually. Hope its not annoying. Just wanted to convey much excitement!


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