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Our 1st Lamb, Skunk, is born!

*Warning* Over use of exclamation marks in this post!!!!!

This is about 30minutes after Skunk was born. Skunks mother chose a good spot by the bank in the shade and there were no complications.

I watched him try and stand up for the first time and he did a front flip! When he finally found his feet he went straight for some food. His little tail was going like the clappers! Amazing how they know exactly what to do. I was relieved to see him have this first drink as I didn't have to worry he got plenty of colostrum. I left them be after that to be sure they bonded well and went to my make shift office next to the field shelter.

The other ewes came to investigate and Skunk saw them off by rushing them with a head butt! Couldn't believe it, he actually headbutted Magik! Hilarious!

Skunks mum is being amazing but was upset when I picked up Skunk & used him to get her into the field shelter. That was the first time I have ever held a lamb- ever. They're both in shelter now and very settled. Just look....

Teehee! My first ever lamb! Yay!

hen xx


  1. Ooooh Skunk is so gorgeous! Congratulations! Must be such a wonderful feeling.
    Ingrid xxx

  2. Hi Hen,

    You have a very inspirational blog & love the lamb photos - Skunk's a great name!

    Must be a magical time for you!

    Kay :)

  3. Oh wow! That is possible the cutest lamb I have ever seen!

    Totally understand all the exclamation marks!!!

  4. Oh, fantastic! Aren't baby animals just the best to hold? I'd forgotten how wonderful it is until we had our first kids this year - baby goats are just as sweet.

    Skunk is gorgeous.

  5. Oh my he is soooooo gorgeous!!! Congrats on your first baby lamb!!!

  6. So happy for you..he's a keeper!!!

  7. That's a lovely picture of the baby lamb "Skunk" He looks very happy. topsoil suppliers

  8. Hi Hen
    Lost ur phone number and desperately need to come up n see you!!! can you give me a phone? 07857 670092
    Val x

  9. Skunk is adorable Hen. Hope you are well and all is good in your world, love and


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