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Spring *update!* & a very special gift

There is a wall the full length of our woodland and this is the middle bit. I'd love to rebuild it! Normally I am jarred by the activities of humans in the landscape. However, this wall (along with our stone sided banks)  is a thing of beauty, purpose & strength. The fact that it's made, by hand, from the stone under my feet settles the wall into the landscape, like it grew from the ground centuries ago. 

Old Bert
You've met Old Bert before. He is my favourite tree. Bert is completely hollow inside (but he still has a huge heart), and he's so old he has lots of plants living on him. There's Old Ivy, who loves him so much that fifty years ago she wrapped herself around him and never let go, there's young Campion and Wood sorrel, and many old friend Lichens and Moss. He's a house for lots of little mammals, bugs and birds too. He doesn't mind though, Old Bert loves the company and life by the river is good.

Moschatel (Town Hall Clock) - Flower bud
The other day i showed you the leaves of  Moschatel which excited me enough, well, would you look at this! The flower bud is ready for bursting open! I CAN'T WAIT!

Blades by Chris Grant

In the post today I had a gift, from a dear friend in Scotland a bladesmith called Chris. I was moved to tears when I saw the workmanship and beauty of these blades. What a gift. Chris also included a selection of wood to make the handles with. I've got my eye on that beautiful bit of Yew! Thank you Chris, you're kindness has totally filled me up and I feel undeserving but utterly grateful. xxx

hen xx


  1. Beautiful pictures Hen,
    A wall such as that does sit well in the landscape and Ol' Bert, a haven for all sorts. The blades look tasty too, are they for wood carving? Thanks for sharing.

  2. Ooh, sounds trite and not wordy enough...but ooh, nice blades with a lovely solid tang!

    Old Bert and his friends always make me smile.

  3. Such a Unique little flower, is the Moschatel (Town Hall Clock) - most unusual, we have these too in our Woodland. I believe we are honored with it's presence. And you have every right to be excited to see a four-sided flower, almost unreal., I was too X x


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