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Feeding time with the Shetland sheep, goats, Willow & Adventure Hen!

If you've followed this blog awhile you might recognise some of the ewes in this wee film, especially Nibble and Mini-Finnhe! Some of the girls have started to moult so I've been collecting lots of gorgeous fleece. You can see some strewn about the field, in the film.

Adventure Hen is one of the ex-battery hens we rescued in December 2011. She's getting a bit too explore-y for my liking but I'd rather she was mooching about far and wide than not.

So here is a wee peek into a bit of my evening animal rounds...

Nibble last year:

Mini-Finnhe Mulletina Moonface last year:

hen xx


  1. Lovely post, got my animal fix!
    Perhaps Adventure Hen is training for the Olympics? LOL!

    Love the music in the background, what and who is it please?

    Sandie xx

  2. Cheers Sandie! She's really legging it isn't she! Little nutter.

    It should have shown up at the end what the music was, did it not? It's Ladyfair by the magnificent but sadly no longer with us, Bert Jansch.


  3. 'Moonface', that's such a cute name! The film looks idyllic, I expect the music plays like that in the fields when you're out there.....shhhh....don't take the ilusion away from me! ;o)
    Jess xx


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