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Meet the ducks & chickens & goats & sheep!

Got no time to write very much so I just thought I'd share some photo's!

Indian runner duck- BATHTIME!

Small-1 the black Indian Runner duck has gone all broody and is sitting on 10 eggs. I took a sneaky picture of her nest when she wasn't looking! 

This is the gorgeous Heidi. She is sitting on 3 very dark brown eggs from my Cuckoo Marans. They only have a week to go! I'm very excited about getting lots and lots of eggs in the incubators in the next week too! 

Storm and Lightening. My shadows.. I can't go anywhere without them following me (whether there's a fence/giant bank/gate or hedge in the way!)

I watched these two like this for AGES the other day. Sleepily chewing the cud cheek by cheek. So, so sweet! 

Hebridean Ewe.. Lordy she's impressive.

These two Shetlands (well the one on the right is a Shetland/Hebridean cross) right freak me out.. "Look into my eyes.. bring us nuts bring us nuts"

Finnhe the Katmoget Shetland ewe. She's very pretty.

Finnhe puckering up.. she might be pretty but she's NOT my type!

Jingo.. my pride and joy! Shetland ram (fawn)

Hope you enjoyed meeting a few of the animals :)

hen xx


  1. I thought it was very nice. Love the sheep, they are impressive! Love the duck nest and Heidi is lovely. The goats are kind of my favorites though because I want one so badly but want to make sure I am fully prepared before getting one.

    1. Glad you liked it Becky, thanks :)

      I am utterly obsessed with my goats, so it's no surprise to me that you want some! When you do get goats, make sure you get at least two. My lot would be lost without a goaty pal to snuggle at night & chew the cud with!

      Can't wait to hear your goat stories xx

  2. Lovely to see the animals.
    Your sheep are beautiful, well, all the animals are!
    Thanks for showing them to us.

    Sandie xx


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