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A Beautiful Day...

I've had an incredibly mad few months! I've been to meetings to discuss the new foresty policy, I've been to France to see my friend Pip to meet some remarkable trees & hatch plans for our upcoming adventures in Forest Comms. 

BUT I'm just going to blog about today, well.. except to share this pic of me weaving a rush seat at Linda Lemieux's house last weekend! More of that another day...

 While I was away Leo sent me a frantic message saying he'd lost Bubbles the bantam. Thankfully he uncovered her with over twenty eggs that she was trying to hatch. I was convinced she'd stopped laying for the year!

The Bantam Queens...


Rowan looking beautiful.. 

The view from the yurt. Gorgeous but there was a bit of a northerly wind coming at us from those Welsh mountains!

hen xx


  1. Lovely photos. That's a lot of eggs!

    1. Thanks Jonathan! Yes it is a lot of eggs. She'd been sneaking under the hen house to lay them and I didn't think to check!

  2. Lovely photos. That's a lot of eggs!

  3. The little madam! Did she hatch any?
    Loving the rush woven stool even in it's infancy...
    Yes the North wind is chilly, even here in the Midlands.

    1. They're not fertilised as there is no Bantam King. I'd rather not have lots of little bantams running around to be honest. As much as I love them they're so little I worrya bout them constantly! XX

  4. Love your view from the yurt and those blue Autumn skies are so beautiful.


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