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Fungi Foray... Waxcaps, Penny buns, earthballs, magic mushrooms...!

This morning when I went out to do the animal rounds I noticed that the waxcap mushrooms had started fruiting in the field! We didn't have many last year so I am really excited that this year is going to be a good one for them!

Inspired by the waxcaps I went on a bimble in the woods and down the track to see what mushrooms were about, there were some but the light wasn't so good so I didn't get many photos. There's a few random pictures of the track just because it looked so nice :)

Looking down the track towards the linnhe. Light was amazing!
 In the woods we have lots of earth ball mushrooms. I vaguely remember reading somewhere that inscrupulous funghi dealers cut truffles with earthball mushrooms.. who knows if that's true, I just know that I wouldn't want to eat an earth ball!

Earthball before releasing it's spores

Earthball after releasing it's spores & before my dog stuck her nose in it... *sigh*

Now.. to the waxcaps! I am afraid I don't know how to identify each different waxcap. However, here is a fantastic waxcap identification guide from Somerset Environmental Records Centre (this link opens a pdf).

This is quite a large waxcap, about the size of an apple

Lots of these

My favourite, the colour hasn't come out as deep as it is in real life

Little jewels in the grass!
I've noticed a handful of different types of reds but I think all of these pics are of the same type

It's yellow..

I love this one, just look at how delicate they are!

There are mostly these white ones in the pasture, with the meadows having more variety of colour. Wonder why?

Took this on my phone early this morning

Just another red one.. this one nipply & with a ruffled edge
So, that's some of the waxcaps I saw today. I'll be checking the fields everyday to see what other colours come up. I took the photo below of a Ballerina waxcap this time a few years ago and haven't seen one here since. Hopefully this year I'll see her again. I know where she lives!

Pink waxcap, Ballerina
Some more of the track looking lovely..

Penny Bun

Back to the fields and I came across some magic mushrooms...



Just the track again.. can't resist it!

There's a load of fungi pictures on my Heart and Soil photos page, just scroll down till you see fungi!

hen xx


  1. Nice photos of some unusual fungi there. We have some more ..erm.. 'edible' looking ones in the woods here right now, but I don't know what they are called so I'm not touching them !

  2. Cheers :) Know what you mean about edible fungi.. I don't trust myself except when it's chantrelles, penny buns, ink caps and field mushrooms! Even then I wouldn't eat field mushrooms unless I'd positively id'd them. Just not worth it is it?!

    I did once accidentally eat some bluebell bulbs when foraging pig nuts. (I Was daydreaming and paying attention to what I was eating! Idiot!) I had half an hour of a 'coming up' feeling. Luckily it didn't turn to anything! :-D

  3. that should have said 'not paying attention!' ... *duh!*


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