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Just Sitting

After feeling washed out and tired all day Leo asked if I'd like to do some breathing meditation. After fighting the urge to stay on the computer, I lazily agreed.

We sat in front of the fire for half an hour and followed a wonderful, guided meditation by Bodhipaksa. Utterly relaxing and mentally invigorating at the same time. (hmmm... maybe that's why I'm still up).

I'm fascinated to understand why
we don't do everything we can to be healthy and happy. If we're honest, we all know deep down what is best for our mental and physical health and we all know we could do better to look after ourselves. So what is 'it' that stops us?

I will fill my belly with rubbish that makes me feel pants and fill my brain with the same kind of crap (mostly due to my 'I can't help myself' attachment to channel 4 'aren't people mad' documentaries). I have a constant need to be distracted by something, anything! Rather than face up to the messy reality of my mind and the world around me.

Meditation helps me to remove the distractions. That's hard and sometimes painful. I suppose that's why it's so difficult for me to choose to meditate over doing everything else.

It's much easier to carve a spoon or make a basket, at least it only takes a dust pan and brush to clean that mess up!


  1. Hi Hen, thanks for the comment on my blog, you are kind,,,
    Love your work, very inspiring , your blog is delightful I have enjoyed reading and looking at the paintings and photos, hope you enjoy the rest of the series on channel 4, for a minute I thought you were referring to Big Brother, lol....anyway for distraction I have been watching Narnia movie, just get lost in that one..would love to be able to meditate but my body does not know how to relax, I am afraid I might just stop breathing all together,lol....
    regards Kath x

  2. just noticed you had left a comment to me in your recent post , so you are a Paisley buddy, I was born in Forfar but moved to glasgow when i was very young Eaglesham and the south side were my home for 34 years until we moved back up north to Perthshire, been here 11 years now,,,,kath


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