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The Shepton Witch: Erk! Terminator Rises Again...

Please take some time out to read this post about Terminator Seeds, by The Shepton Witch...

The Shepton Witch: Erk! Terminator Rises Again...

Here is a quote from her post... "It seems that the 2005 moratorium on producing and selling crops, that will have sterile seeds when harvested, is likely to be overturned..."

Why is this a worry? If these seeds are sown it will have a huge negative impact on small scale farming across the world ('Third' world countries to Berkshire smallholdings). It will have a devasting effect on our Earths already struggling ecosystem/s. I state this as fact as that is how I view it. But please, don't take my word for it, visit the links given by the Shepton Witch and read the comments on her posting.

She is instigating a 10 Downing Street petition and needs help in getting the point accross in 1000 LETTERS only!!

Please, if you know more or have any links or suggestions please let us know!!

with much love and prayers for the happiness of all beings and non-beings,


  1. I have just looked through your blog after seeing the tempting link on 'middleofnowhere'. I also have been following news about the sterile seeds with disgust! Also understand how challenging moving can be-you are fortunate to have some space on the beautiful Exmoor. We moved from Oxon (Near PG) 7 years ago from lovely cottage to Chulmleigh where we have a field and garden and now some animals (chickens/sheep etc). It is hard work but so worth it to produce so much ourselves and purchase what we can't locally. I do hope you find a home soon-we are very happy here and being in my garden is therapy from my work as a district nurse! I wish you well with you searching x

  2. That is a very scary idea, Hen and something I'm passionately against. I'll look into it, thanks for the link.

    ps. good luck with the move hunny

    Kim x

  3. i saw this on sheptons blog, very worrying indeed, and fab of you to help her with this, especially when you have a big move coming up! well done Hen

    leanne x

  4. Thank you so much for all your help Hen. Just to keep people abreast of what's happening, good old Downing Street have suspended their petitions website until Gordon returns to number 10 on 1st September. Apparently, the petitions website is too popular - it seems you can get too much democracy!

    We have the words now, and as soon as the website re-opens (assuming this isn't a dastardly scam to close it and forget to re-open it) I'll get the petition going and let everyone know. We have to act to stop this happening, it's just so immoral that I choke when I think about it.

  5. O for Heavens sake, I do despair! Hen, let me know when the petition is back up...I actually sometimes almost give up on the human race. *sigh*...

  6. Hiya - I posted in the Resurgence chat room after reading what you and Shepton Witch were doing - Gaia's cafe - and had a reply about it so may be you might like to drum up more interest there too.


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