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Crazy Weather on Exmoor and Barn repairs

A few weeks ago we repaired our barn. It was really good fun and the weather was really bad. Oddly, the weather didn't bring us down too much! I suppose that's what comes from having a job to do.

I've just come back from spending a week on the land. Bad weather again. It's a real worry as we have a lot of hay to make and it hasn't even been cut yet. The grass is starting to look a little worse for wear. A September cut might be happening and I'm not sure what that hay would be worth!

Anyway here are some photo's of the trip. We really have sorted out our outdoor living and have managed to stay relatively comfortable outside in all weathers now!

I've never seen a rainbow that was so 3D. The 'stripes' repeated back, if you know what I mean!

Our nest was good and kept us dry and wind free even in the heaviest of downpours and 60mph gale force winds!

This was a shock after so much bad weather!

The heather is looking absolutely fabulous at the moment and the bees are loving it.

Wood sage. My favourite colours, subtle green, cream and hawthorn berry red. Gorgeous!

We dug a test pit and our soil is gorgeous!! We're so chuffed! Willow liked our hole so much she went to sleep in it. Crazy hound.

We got really excited about this cloud and realised what it meant after taking lots of ohotos of it. So we hunkered down, secured the hound, got the fire going and waited for the storm to hit.

This is the sky after the storm. Intense. These photos don't do it justice at all! The storm got our adrenalin pumping as it was right above us and the fork lightning was right in front of us. It actually made us duck when the thunder ripped! Poor Willow pooed her pants. Not that I make her wear pants, but you know what I mean!

We went mad. This is during our trip a few weeks before when we were repairing the barn.

This is an interesting construction, built with the back of the barn going into the bank. A large rats nest was abandoned (thankfully) in there. We decided we would make the wall come straight down. This has caused it's own problems but we're a cunning gang and are working on a scheme to sort it out. The issue is that water runs down the walls and has nowhere but into the barn to go. That's why the old design had the wall sloping into the top of the bank. I'll put up pics of what we do another day when we've actually done it!

Fantastic! Dry and lovely in there now, we can actually use it. It's the only building we have on the land and so it's really important to us that we can keep it dry. We put in light panels in the roof and it has made an incrediable difference to the feel of the barn.

We will be able to use for a million things now, although at some point we will have to build another building as this one is going to be too small.

Now I just need to get somewhere to live and get our blinky flock started!


  1. I hope September is dry for you. Best check the almanac.

    Our hay was cut in July - we had three clear days and got it in on time. Apparently there's not much good stuff around, so you might get a fair price.

  2. Hay was late last year too.........often cut much later on Exmoor! I still have hay standing too.....not much can be done about the weather! Barn looks fab.....want to come and rebuild mine?


  3. Random quick thoughts:

    What beautiful photos! That rainbow is intense. I don't think I've seen one so full (?) before. Your "nest" looks so comfy and Willow makes me want to cuddle my Oscar a little tighter! The barn turned out so well and the light panels are definitely the ticket!

  4. How exciting! Back seat homesteading for me at the moment, very much enjoying your adventures!

  5. I have enjoyed reading your blog this morning.

  6. Would you be allowed to construct an earthship on your land?

    1. Hi MJP,

      Planning permission for even a temporary structure is going to be difficult here!

      Best wishes,


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