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The woods are well protected.  We were very careful to pay our respects to each guardian to ensure safe passage...

There is Yellow Archangel to watch from on high and to watch from deep within...

We caught a dragon waking in the woods, getting ready to yawn his first firey roar of the Season...

A sentry, standing sure...

When we were finally allowed safe passage, we entered into a world of such beauty, such magic, that we were enveloped in a deep silence.  A silence born of awe at so many wonders.  We also learned things...

Woods can be white...  and woods can be blue...

I take great delight in lying on my belly.  Not just because I like to rest, you understand... but also because it's another world.  A world of little perfections.  Not only that, if you lie down on your belly in a woodland carpeted with bluebells your eyes get full of purpley blue.

I have learned that I don't know it all.   Who'd have thunk it!?  Below isn't a dandelion as we know and love it, it's one of the other types of dandelion type things, I just can't remember which one.  It's big and before it goes to seed it has red on the tips... recently I accidentally wrote that hazel leaves were beech leaves (can't believe I did that!!!) and didn't identify an Elm covered in seed!!  So I'm not saying what I think this is until I know for sure!!

This is a bluebell.  I can say that because, with my eyes, I can see it is basically blue and is the shape of a bell.  *tut*!!  It's surrounded by woodruff in flower too, so taking this photie smelled wonderful!!  Another reason for getting on your belly as often as possible - there's stunkiness to be had!!!

There is a Tufa in the woods near me.  It's the second one I've come across and I love them very much.  As  I love most things.    

It's basically a soft porous rock consisting of calcium carbonate deposited from the spring because it's rich in lime.

If you are celebrating this weekend have a wonderful time!  I might take Willow off to the Ridgeway and Uffington.  Special, special places.

I pray the Sun will warm your heart in the form of butterflies and bluebells, bumble bees and little kisses,



  1. Your woods are totally wonderful. I'm a bit lost for words imagining just how lovely they are, apart from the super photos. Say hello to the horse for me, and ask Wayland for my 10p back, as he hasn't fulfilled my wish yet and it's been about five years.

  2. Lovely post hen, the scent of bluebells is one of my favourites. How wonderful to have the Ridgeway near enough to visit whenever you want to. I'm planning to come back from Dorset via the Uffington White Horse and Wayland's Smithy later this month. Beltane Blessings .

  3. We might see you on the Ridgeway or Uffington! Such lovely spots to celebrate in :)

    x Valonia
    narrowboat: the green man aka:nbthegreenman

  4. Such poetry Hen...have a good weekend

  5. Beltane blessings to you Hen. Your woods seem a magical place - full of such delights! Have a great weekend.

  6. How wonderful! Walking in the woods is so special :) The season of summer is heralded by all nature :)


  7. beltane blessings to you Hen. love and light from Leanne x

  8. Thank you for a really lovely walk through your woods - it was like actually being there! Many Beltane Blessings!

  9. what a beautiful post and blog you have here..

  10. I enjoyed your stories and your blog. I love the woods and I have a handmade basket ( made in Canada ) that I treasure. I feel like I have visited in the woods in Exmoor. I will visit again.


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