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Heart and Soil Baskets - New Etsy Shop!

I've just opened a new Etsy shop to sell my baskets in!!  It's called Heart and Soil Baskets.  

I'm quite excited about it as I've been thinking about doing it for ages - mainly because of all the wonderful words of encouragement from people - thank you!  I've had lots of support from some online friends today too, helping me set things up and generally booting me up the bum - thank you too! 

There's going to be a widget on the left hand side - a horribly garish widget - where you can go to if you'd like to buy a basket.  If anybody knows how I can make my Etsy widget less white I'd love to know!??


*skipping off into the distance... "I've got an Etsy shop..I've got an Etsy shop...I've got an Etsy shop...tra lala lala"...!*


  1. Good for you, and great idea! What took you so long:)

  2. Hope your Etsy shop does really well, I can certainly recommend the baskets:)

  3. I'm not even sure I know what an Etsy store is. But, I guess I'm about to find out. Who could resist going and having a peek.

  4. Good luck hen - wishing you lots and lots of sales! :)


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