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Heart and Soil Baskets - I'm on FOLKSY too!


I just can't help myself!  It's now 3:45 am and I've just finished setting up my shop on Folksy.  

It's another handmade only online shop front.  The difference is that Folksy is UK based - all the prices are in sterling!

So, I'm going to run these two shops for 6 months and see what happens!



  1. I much prefer Folksy to Etsy as I don't want to pay dollars for items made and sold in the UK. It's good to see how much all the different sizes and shapes I can plan some necessary household expenditure... *cough*

    Good luck Hen, hope your shops do really well.


  2. Wishing you success, and sleep my friend! Your stores look wonderful, and if anyone wants a testimonial I am available. liZZie x

  3. Hello Hen...good luck with your Folksy shop. Now go to need to have some energy to create my basket ;-)

  4. what beautiful baskets you make! i would love to learn how to make them. i found this link but have yet to do it:


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