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Another new shop for hens baskets! - Coriandr

Well.. erm... I'm on here too... !!!???!!

I think that I'm going to leave it at that for now.  No more shops from hen!! I promise!

The difference with this one is that it is really nicely set up.  It's fairly new too so I'm happy to be supporting them.

Why have more than on eshop?  Well, I suppose my thinking is that Etsy is massive and international and almost everybody has heard of them, but it's easy to get a bit lost in them.  Folksy is UK based and so I figured I'd go with them, but they seem to be building up to marketing themselves quite slowly.  Hopefully they'll get a bit better at that soon!  Coriandr just feels good.  Can't put my finger on it.. just does.  :)

Right I'll shut up about shops for now!! 



  1. Good luck with your shops.

  2. Good luck with this one too! :) I hadn't heard of coriandr but have enjoyed having a bit of a virtual mooch there now! Your shops all look very professional but warm and welcoming at the same time .

  3. Yeah Coriadr looks interesting...good luck with it hen

  4. Why Hen, you're everywhere!

    Good luck with your new shops!

  5. It makes sense to have several outlets for your baskets, hope they are a success for you.


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