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On Being a Godmother &

Well... I've not been blogging much or in fact doing anything much - apart from making baskets and making shops to enable me to make more baskets!

I had a night of insomnia and built a website too...

In amongst it all I have become a godmother! 

We'd had a million pictures taken by this point and our faces were hurting!

Becoming a godmother has given me lots to think about.  As I am not a christian I'd thought very hard about whether or not I should say the prayers and vows at the ceremony.  I decided I would say the prayers and vows, mainly for the benefit of those that could hear me.

When it came to it, I just couldn't.  The sentiments behind the words were too far away from what I believe in.  I take the spirituality of people very seriously and so I would never say the prayers of a religion, emptily.  Instead I made my own vows in my mind.

The truth is, I'm not going to encourage my niece to follow a path to the church.  Mind you, I'm not going to discourage her either.  

I'd like to stress that - I will not discourage her from going into the church, if that's truly & clearly what she believes in.

On the other hand; I will never  lie to her to make it easier for her to believe in the teachings of the protestant faith.  

If she asks me a question she will hear a thought out answer.  If I don't have an answer, she will be given an explanation to that effect.  I will also treat her with the respect I believe all beings should be treated with, hopefully showing her, by example, the importance of kindness.  

Do you see my dilemma..?  A godmother, in the churchy sense of the title, should encourage, enable and nurture the teachings of the bible in their godchild.  I can't do that, as I don't believe.  That doesn't mean to say that I am not deeply touched by the teachings of Jesus.  I am.  I see them as common sense principles.  Principles we would potentially come up with ourselves if we were to sit down and with a clear head, think about things for a bit.

So, all I can do is offer her honesty and the tools to enable her to make a clearer decision about how she wants to live her life, spiritually.  I believe those tools are meditation and kindness.  
Nothing buddhisty, just meditation and kindness.  



  1. So, you're more like a 'fairy godmother'. ;)

    Truly, Bee, you're the type of godmother I would want for my child (though I am not Christian either). A girl needs strong females in her life to guide, encourage and support her. You will do an amazing job for that child.


  2. Dear Hen...I totally agree with will be a fabulous spiritual life guide for your niece. The term 'Christian' is often used and not often lived up to. I agree that the best life to live is one of kindness and humility and meditation. Congratulations to both of you!

    Your friend across the pond...Janet

  3. Hi,
    It's a great blog.
    Best regards,
    Karoly Domonyi

  4. I commend you Hen, the world is better and richer when hypocracy is outed so to speak. The website looks good but I'm worrying about your insomnia although it's so productive. You might try a little pouch of hops and lavender on your pillow. x

  5. oh Hen, weeks ago when you pondered whether you could be a godmother, i replied that i had turned down a same offer, as not being a christian, i could not be a hypocrite and promise words i did not believe in..

    You seem to have bridged the void that was before me back then

    well done, in love and light, leanne x


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