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Not bee-leaf anymore! I'm Heart and Soil :0)

OOooooOOOOoooh I've struggled with doing this!  I started being beeleaf 4 yrs ago when I built my first website from scratch.  It was a website that would help me gather all my myriad of dreams, ideas and beliefs.  That website then became this blog, last year.   

My plan was that with it all written down in one place I could try to make sense of it all and hopefully I could find my 'job' in life.

Well, I think it's done that.  I'm now a poor, but happy, landowner, a basket maker, a singer and a Buddhist too!  I also feel more connected to the Earth than ever before.
So, now that I've successfully labeled myself, I'm changing my name to Heart and Soil.  

In the future I hope to be working the land and opening it up to people who want to learn sustainable ways of living and bushcraft - particularly to young people.  I also want to teach traditional crafts, carve and make baskets.  Ultimately, I want to offer a space for spiritual exploration, in whatever form.  
All of these will come under the Heart and Soil 'umbrella'.

So, the first to shelter under the umbrella is Heart and Soil Basketry.  Who knows what will come next!  Whatever it is, I cant wait!!  



  1. Good luck with being heart and soil! I shall miss bee-leaf, but growth equals change, and this is such a great thing for you!

    xx Mara

  2. Looking forward to seeing developments. Nice new blog, well done!



  3. I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.



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