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Ex-Battery Hens - Mirabel

Mirabel pinches my chair.. any random tweets were her not me!

This is Mirabel. The chook I told you about a few posts ago. She was at deaths door with a blue comb back then. The vet couldn't work out what was wrong with her and advice was that she was an ex-batt & they don't last long. It's probably just her body giving up after "living" in a tiny cage every day for 18months, where she couldn't turn around, was forced to lay 2 eggs in 24hrs and cope with other unimaginable horrors...

Well, the picture above is Mirabel today. She's still not quite right but she doesn't appear to be in any pain. She just gets tired earlier in the day and appreciates a quiet basket to sleep in at night.

Rescuing ex-battery hens is one of the best things I've ever done in my life. Meet my 6 Ex-Battery Hens

Visit this lot below to see about rescuing some ex-battery hens yourself!

The Battery Hen Welfare Trust:

Little Hen Rescue:

hen xx


  1. Goddess bless Hen and her hens - especially Mirabel so she can enjoy the sap rising of spring and the wonder of summer and autumn and winter to come. X

  2. Dear sweet Mirabel, so pleased she has known such love & devotion in her life xxxx

  3. Hi Hen :)

    off topic i know - but do you guys live in the yurt full time these days?

    i am kind of curious about the possibility


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