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Spring.. oh yes.. I have the proof!

Some things in life trigger such happiness that it doesn't matter you have to wait a year to see them! Two of the many things that make me happy are part of the birth of Spring...

The Willow buds are looking just beautiful at the moment. All fluffy and white. Already the Blue, Willow and Longtailed tits alongside the finches and Dunnocks are busy flittering and chattering away amongst the branches!  

Here, my dear friends, is one of my favourite woodland plants about to unfold into flower. If you look carefully you can see a second bud just under one of the leaves to the right of the central bud. That makes TWO buds... two buds means TWO flowers about to open... ok, ok.. I know you know but it's SPRING! S.P.R.I.N.G!


hen xx

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