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A few hours chilling with the sheep n poultry gang...

Willow and Small
Willow and Small have a few issues.. Willow delights in winding Small up and Small delights in chasing Willow. Small will zone in on Willow from the other side of the field, then sneak up on her while she sleeps, then let out a massive honk alarm in her ear! Suffice to say they don't get to hang out much together... I fear for their lives! Well.. I fear for Small's life anyway!

Little Blue and the heavily pregnant HebXsuffolks
At the moment I'm spending a lot of time just hanging out with the sheep. They're due to give birth any week now and so I'm keeping a beedy eye on them. This is my first ever lambing. I'm nervous but confident I've practiced enough. We're finishing their field shelter today and I'm going to set up a field office in their field, so I can continue to work on the Save Our Woods campaign but stay alert to any attacks by ravens/foxes/badgers.. some might say its not necessary but as it's my first time I think I'm going to spend as much time as I can with them!

Cockeral. Cuckoo Marans.
You might remember Cockeral. I got him and a couple of Cuckoo Marans hens a few months ago. Well, he's matured into a real beauty. I love the way he herds the hens and settles any disputes! He's very good at his job but mostly the ex-batts ignore him when he's trying to make them move somewhere they don't want to go! The hens lay the most beautiful eggs ever. Dark brown shells and deep orange giant yolks.. droOOol!

Cockerals holy bum.

My beautiful poultry gang

Hope you're enjoying this beautiful Spring weather!

hen xx


  1. I volunteer at the National Botanic Garden of Wales and a couple of years ago I helped with the lambing, not as a midwife but I must have picked up some skills. Later in that year I came across a ewe in distress with a part born lamb. I gave instructions to my mate to hold the ewe's head and I gently pulled out the lamb. Unfortunately the lamb was dead - obvious before I started really but I could not leave the poor thing. I am sure your skills will kick in

  2. Can't wait to see the 'New' Small Duckling ! x

  3. Lovely photos,it all looks very green there with you.
    Beautiful baskets!


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