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Lambing Field Shelter

It was rather lovely while we were finishing the field shelter yesterday evening. I say 'we', actually Leo was finishing it and I was taking pictures of ducks and chickens and pretty views and sunsets... *flaky* 

It was so beautiful though!

This was built to be a compost bin but it was so perfect for lambing I demanded it for a field shelter! It's made of recycled decking planks and the roofing/walls are corrugated sheets made of bitumen saturated organic fibres. Holds the heat and doesn't condense moisture as badly as tin.

Just the other side of the lambing pen is where I'll be setting up my field office/camp. It will consist of a a huge tarp, my Terra Nova tent, a table, laptop and generator. That way I can keep my beedy eye on the ewes and protect the lambs from corvids, foxes and badgers. Looking forward to it as it's been ages since I camped out in my tent! 

Here's my beautiful boy, Jingo. It's impossible to get a picture of him, as he doesn't stay still for a minute!

Just pulling together my lambing kit and I'm ready to go.



hen xx

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