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I found a Parrot Waxcap!

Yesterday I went on an exciting fungi foray on the farm and put up loads of pictures of some of the fungi I found:


I had ANOTHER exciting time this morning on my daily fungi foray! I went looking for the Ballerina Waxcap where I know she comes, and instead I found this Parrot waxcap!

Parrot Waxcap!

Underneath a Parrot Waxcap!

I also went back to visit this waxcap with my proper camera as I think it looks just blooming lovely!

Dinky waxcap & Leo's massive finger

I was very taken with this one as it was so chunky

Chunky, a lovely peach colour and perfectly formed

From yellow rattle to ruby jewels in the grass

Can just make out the little person peeking out from behind that fungi..

I haven't counted all the obviously different waxcaps here but it's got to be at least 15 so far

This is the meadow they're growing in. Taken 5 years to get to this stage! :-D

hen xx

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  1. I don't know how I can have been following you on Twitter for so long without realising you have this lovely blog - even if you haven't posted recently! Wondering if you'd like to join Loose and Leafy in Following a Tree. The information is here and there will be a link box on the 7th of every month (starting tomorrow) and stay open for 7 days each time.


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