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How to Use a Peg Loom

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I have only just had a go at using a peg loom for the first time the other week. So there's bound to be better advice by people who have done this loads! This is what I did anyway and I love the resulting bum warmer!! Steve's crafts helped me with how to use the loom. Hope this is useful.

A peg loom
Strong warp thread, something you know isn't going to break.
Wool or strips of fabric or anything weave-able


For each peg use about 3 times the length of warp thread of the size of the thingymajig you are making.
Pull the warp through the hole until you get to the middle of the thread.
Bring both ends to the front of the peg, letting it hang loose. They should be of equal lengths.

Repeat that with each peg until it looks something like this...

Starting from one end of the loom knot together the ends of the warp threads of 3 pegs, that should be 6 threads per knot. Repeat with the rest of the pegs.

Get your wool or whatever you plan to use and, a few pegs up from the end of the loom, start to weave in and out of the pegs.
If you're using wool then just tease it into lengths as you weave.
If you are using shortish lengths or your wool separates, then just get your new bit of wool and overlap a few pegs worth of what you have just done.

When you get to the end of the loom go round the last peg and continue to weave in and out.

It'll start to build up quite quickly...

When you get to the top of your pegs you're ready to move what you have woven from your pegs down and on to the warp threads.

Lift out your end peg and give it a little wiggle as you pull the peg up and out of the wool.

The wool should slide on to the warp thread easily.
Pull the thread all the way through until you reach the knot.
Replace the peg into it's hole.

It looks a bit of a jumble as you work your way along the loom, but it's very satisfying.
Remember to replace the peg each time.

It'll look like this when you've done all the pegs...

Now you can start the whole process all over again until your thingymajig is the size you want.

Remember that you have to leave enough warp thread to knot the ends in the same way that you did at the beginning. You do this by cutting the warp threads free from the pegs and knotting together, as before, the threads of 3 pegs.

I like tassles, but Steve's Crafts says that if you don't want them then use a large eyed needle and thread the warp up through the work.


  1. Oh cooool! I've been wondering when you would get around to using it and, more importantly, giving us a demonstration. It is fab! Your thingimajig looks great. :o)

  2. Thanking!! Thingymajigs are my speciality, don't you know.


  3. Love it. I was wondering what that peg loom would look like when you were actually using it. The final result is going to be so handsome and that wool you are using is beautiful! I love the colour!

  4. Excellent!...........however come and see me sometime and I will show you a much easier way of using it and how to do intricate patterns and artwork!!!

    I have a course on the 12th Sept for all interested parties!!!

  5. Hi Annie! I got that wool off Ebay. Can't wait till I've got me own fleeces off me own sheep though!!

    Woolly - There's an easier way than that?! Lordy! It'd be fab' to learn more techniques as I love weaving in all forms!

  6. Thank you so very much. This is the BEST tutorial I've found. The pics are great. Just discovered this craft and making the loom is no problem, using it is the issue. Now thanks to your site, I'll be able to use all this fabric and old clothes I've been holding on to to make rugs, bags, etc. Hugs from Oklahoma. Deborah

  7. Great pictures! I've searching for something like this for a week! Thank you for posting it!

    Have a good day!
    Franco Rios
    Sacramento, Calif.

  8. This is a whole 'new' thing for me and looks absolutely fun to do. Thanks for the tutorial.

  9. Thank you!!! I have been looking at all kinds of "how to's", and had just about given up!!! Your directions are WONDERFUL! Thanks so much for posting them!

  10. Hello Hen...when you return from holiday I have a blog award for you..if you would like it...come see me ;-)

  11. thank you for the pictures dealing with the peg loom they are the greatest.

  12. Thank you for the peg loom instructions, we shall see if I am capable of following them !


  13. MARAVILHOSO!!!!!!

  14. Peace to you! This post made me happy today, as I found a peg loom while haunting my favorite junk shop and paid next to nothing...$5 USD (what, about 3 GBP?) for it. I appreciate your clear and concise directions.

    Blessings, Ruby

  15. Phew! I'm so glad I found this, thanks so much for such clear instructions and pictures!!

    I just made a peg loom for myself, and was just about to go galloping off, but I'm so glad I saw this first. There was a step that I was missing that was rather crucial. ;0)

    Really appreciate your time & efforts.

    Love your blog, too!

    Thanks from Susan in Ocean Shores, WA.

  16. thanks for clear and easy directions, photos very helpful.

  17. Hi geee thanks for inspiring me to weave again. I have dabbled with table looms, rigid heddles, frames etc etc and just dont have the time to do it especially on warping. I have never thought of trying peg looms. It looks soo easy and quick so im going to dig out my stash of fleeces and make a rug (i was going to spin them) My creative bug is getting restless so this is perfect. Great pics and clear explanations too. Thanks a million times over.

  18. Thank you!! The light bulb has gone ON :O) I've had a peg loom for several months but couldn't quite get my head around how to use it as my brain cells keep telling me there shold be another side to it - your explanation is crystal clear as spring water :O) Thanks for including the pics - showed me exactly what to do :O) - Ani Catt
    S Devon

  19. Just bought a peg loom but the instructions were very vague so your directions and pictures are so helpful and inspiring - many many thanks

  20. Hen you have me curious about the intricate patterns. I've had my loom since mid summer and having a ball with it.


  21. I have found your instructions very helpful in teaching me as well as several nursing homes and two schools in my area, Tiverton, Ontario, Canada. So thanks very much! But printing the 7 pages gets a little costly. I have manipulated your document a little so that it's only 3 pages now. Can I send it to you?

  22. that's just wonderful! :)

    Please do send it to me.

    Warmest wishes,

  23. Annie North Wales5 January 2011 at 22:52

    Thank you very much Hen for such clear instructions, very easy to follow. My peg loom is now up & running. You make beautiful baskets, how long have you been weaving? Any tips on cutting & storing willow as I'm about to cut my first crop.
    Many thanks again for the instructions & inspiration
    Best wishes
    Annie North wales

  24. when i got my peg loom out i thought o.m.g. how do i do this the instructions were no help at all.. then i come and found your demo and its great thank you so much.

  25. I have never used a loom, and I'm looking for a hobby for my adult daughter. She has the use of one hand. Her other arm can be used to assist, but not the hand. Would this be a hobby that could be adjusted for her? I've been searching for something I can teach her.

    Thank you -

  26. Brilliant instructions, thank you.

  27. Aaah! that's where I've been going wrong then! Not knotting correctly so-to-speak!

    Thank you :~)

  28. Oooh, I bought a Galt Toys peg loom yesterday and then today, by chance, I came across your lovely post :)
    I'm an activities coordinator in a nursing home and I'm hoping that one or more of the residents will get something out of using the loom. Your instructions have illuminated the process so very well; thank-you!

  29. Thank you so much for your clear, concise instructions. The pictures are extremely helpful. I have never done weaving but this encourages me to give it a try. Now I just have to find some lovely wool like yours. :-)


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